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Dear Members and Friends of Asbury Community Church,

The year 2023 has closed and needless to say, we have been recipients of God's Amazing Grace.  In fact, God's favor on our lives is so wonderful that it is really difficult to explain.  God's love is unending and His generosity has no limits.  The scripture implores us to love God in the same manner that God demonstrates His love toward us.  In an attempt to honor God's generosity, we are launching a year-long generosity emphasis.  Members will be encouraged to perform 25 hours of generosity during the year, be intentional about extending hospitality to others, raise revenue through various income streams, and encourage our membership to be generous toward God in our giving.

We have designated Sunday, January 28, as Generosity Sunday.  Generosity Sunday will officially kick off the year long emphasis of being generous to God and others.  I want to urge you to make plans to attend this important event.  Our goal is to help us grow in becoming more generous toward God in our giving and living by helping us to better understand that Christians have a deep spiritual need to give.  We look forward to seeing you each Sunday in Worship and especially on January 28th.  We believe you care and are concerned enough to be present on Generosity Sunday to honor God and make your financial commitment as an act of Worship to God.


Rev. Dr. Dennis Blackwell

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